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Cultural Threats to the Education of an African Girl Child


This study focuses on the relationship between culture and education and how it affects the African girl child. This study first tries to define what culture is, from the etymological meaning and also definitions from scholars. It further defines the meaning of education also from its etymological perspective to its scholarly point of view. It then shows the importance of education to every individual, nation and at the international level giving a statistical analysis of the number of people most especially the girl child who has been denied access to education in Africa.

This study further explains the various factors that have threatened the education of the African girl child and later give reasons for girl child marriage which seems to be the major threat. This study went further to give the various constraints that has prevented the protection of the African girl child with various recommendations outlined in tackling these setbacks.

This study finally concludes with an emphatic appeal on the important need for drastic actions meant to be carried out with a united joint effort from all stakeholders.

Emmanuel Ayodeji Ekundayo

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