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Culture Does Matter for Female Elders' Responses to Age Segmentation Cue (ASC) of Ads


This comparative study examines the influence of the elderly's perception of subject age and self-concept on their responsiveness to age segmentation cues. It also investigates a possible difference between American and Korean elders, based on labeling theory and social and cultural differences, by using a quasiexperimental design with two print advertisements, one with ASCs and the other without ASCs. The findings show the commonalities between the American and Korean female elderly: the perception of self-concept which is affected by educational level and religion; and self-concept which influences response to ASCs. The differences in their responses between two countries are identified in the selection of two advertisements concerning demographics: self-concept of the Korean female elderly less positive than that of the American; the responses to ASCs influenced by chronological age, education level, income, and religion. Overall, the senior members respond less positive to ASCs and their perception of subjective and self-concept influences responsiveness to ASCs.

HyunMee Kang

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