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India is a latent country that is at the peak of the rise of over-the-top (OTT) media and entertainment platforms. The new media sector has evolved. This is the contribution of both urban and rural populations, who have exponentially gained access to intelligent devices as prices have fallen, and data bundles have been reduced costly. The country has seen increased OTT's Internet penetration, improved availability of quality content, ad free shows and binge watching in international and regional languages. Advantageous demographics, relevant material, free content, and the spectrum of Premium Content Subscription Plans offer further possibility for future growth. The widespread public have access to their favourite content across many screens and spend nearly a ninth of the day witnessing their favourite drama, television show or film. The global, national, and regional players have developed a variety of models for content provision and revenue generation. The future is far more reliable on virtual platforms, where the client touch-point has changed significantly.

Dr. Varsha Bihade*, Dr.Mrityunjay Kumar

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