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Illustrating Documentary Description of P Sheshadri’s Film


A Sign is the primary non-verbal visual language to communicate and communicating through a sequence of sign forms a vital structure adopted to display the theme in films. The study attempts to analyse the thematic narration of the film December 1, drawing upon the social reality of a political play ruining an underprivileged family. The film represents components of expression through verbal and non-verbal communication exhibited through shots portraying the theme. The study investigates to emulate the thematic illustration of shots and the expressions of artists which transcends the narration revealing the social stigma of a family. The study comprehends to analyse the textual and narrative approach that are adapted by the filmmaker, in an attempt to represent the social issue of society, and as perceived by the viewer. The study concludes by depicting the reality of characters and society with technical adaptations in the editing of a film.

Dr.Prashanth G Malur

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