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Ethno-cultural Component in Modern Design


The article considers ethnic elements in design, in particular, by the example of a package as an element of a visual identity of modern graphic design. The authors carried out a search for the balance between the universal and the national graphic design, studied the phenomenon of an ethnic component in the search for new forms of expression and images in design. The authors took the products of Russian and foreign large corporations as an example. The authors analyzed the problem of the relations between the national component and a unique heritage by the example of traditional ornamental motifs in the creation of a conceptual image of the package. The socio-cultural approach to the study allows to reveal objective laws of changes in design due to social and cultural changes in society. The art approach and the analysis of design projects conducted within its framework contributed to the objective and thorough review of this component of modern culture. The semiotic approach contributed to the analysis of the symbolic design elements that accumulate and transmit the information using symbols and signs as reflected in the artistic solution. The ethno-cultural component is of particular importance in developing and searching for new solutions in the design which is based on the borrowing of traditional art forms and adaptation of these forms at the present time. The article can be viewed as one of the possible methodological approaches to further research in modern design.

Spirina MV, Sadomova NI, Lavrenteva OS, Ivanova EY and Karlychuk TV

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