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European Influence on Sport and Sport Press Formation and Development in Russia


The article deals with the phenomenon of foreign influence on sport and sport journalism development in Russia at the turn of XIX and XX centuries. Due to the number of objective circumstances, connected with the peculiarities of historical development in Russia, sport took roots difficultly in Russian society; in these conditions, a special role in its distribution belonged to the foreigners. The article evaluates the significance of contribution of people, inhabiting and coming to the Russian Empire, who represented different sport systems, accepted in Europe. The study of this problematic is of great importance, as foreign participation in formation of Russian sport and sport periodicals, highlighting it up to the Revolution in 1917, predetermined a number of specific features and vectors of development. Respectively, it is possible to trace "the genetic kinship" of the European sport with the Soviet sport system and Soviet physical-sport press, mainly used the traditions of pre-revolutionary period. Despite the stable opinion about the antagonism and insuperable contradictions of "Western" and "Soviet" sport system, they have common sources in the historical past.

Alekseev KA, Gromova LP and Silantev KV

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