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Exploring Public Opinion to Analyze the Consequences of Social Media on Student's Behaviors


Social media such as Facebook, twitter, blogs and flicker widely used by people, not only as a medium of communication but also as source of distributing information, with the advancement of technology today. Now a days, one of the most frequently used communication methods are social networks. In various research studies, their use in different fields and the effects of social media on student's behaviors, chat sites and blogs caused by Facebook has been analyzed. With regard to the use of Facebook, positive connection with confidence, social media participation and social media related behaviors will also be assessed. In order to obtain the basic data, a general scanning model that is public opinion and views of parents and comments that are openly available across social media sites, used to perceive attitude of graduate students, instead of traditional methods like questionnaires and survey’s conduction. A dataset of nearly 20000 reviews of parents was collected from different social media networks about their children’s, while in another dataset tin which 362 graduate school teachers who observe the students to use social media during classes, labs and in campus during free times, their comments about those students were chosen. As per this study, through different positive and negative factors the detailed analysis has been performed to show effect of social media on student’s behavior.

Asif Nawaz*, Tariq Ali , Yasir Hafeez , Arfaa Asaf

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