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Exploring the Elements of Korean Literature Education Contents for Foreigners: Selection of Korean Literature Education Contents for Russian Universities


The purpose of this study is to establish the elements of Korean literature education content for Russian universities through content analysis of Korean literature textbooks for high school and college students in Korea, Russia and CIS area. Nowadays the scope of education contents for Korea's high schools is setting by the Ministry of Education, the content of the education at the universities - by the professor's discretion. In Russia and CIS area universities the educational contents of Korean literature textbooks are setting according to the author’s personal opinion. In the study were considered such aspects as: The general thought of Korean literature, The characteristics of Korean literature, The characteristics of Chinese-language literature in Korea, The characteristics of Korean classical literature, The characteristics of Korean modern literature, The characteristics of the Contemporary Korean literature, The criticism of Korean literature, The methods of teaching Korean literature, The practical using of cultural contents of Korean literary works, The present and the future of Korean literature, Segmented literature and the literature of North Korea, Korean and East Asian literature, Historical consideration of Korean literature, The understanding of the Korean literary works, The comparison of Korean and Russian literature, The theory and practice of translating Korean literary works. This study is worthy of providing basic data for the follow-up study of scholars studying Korean literary in Russia, CIS area, Korea and other foreign countries, and teaching materials of professors teaching Korean literature.

Young Cheol Ko

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