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Features of Involving Prospective Students in the Online Space of the University


A wide spread Internet development manifests in the appearing of new marketing, advertising and PRtechnologies associated with the virtual environment activities. The forming of marketing communications on the Internet differs from traditional marketing. It is connected with Internet communication peculiarities concerning to the definite characteristics of web space. These peculiarities influence the behavior of consumers represented by world network users, that is reflected in the radical changes of consumers trends and therefore in changes of promotion strategy. Internet marketing implies a permanent communication keeping not just with auditory groups, but with every consumer separately and a long-term relationship building with each client. On-line marketing can be determined as an Internet resource management for the purpose of information distribution. Provided that, the aim of on-line marketing is the same as of traditional marketing-to impel definite human action. However, marketing information message on the Internet means not only a motivation for ware or service usage but also a willful distribution of this message by users. Traditional marketing is changed by content marketing. Content marketing considers a preparation of high quality, relevant and valuable information, but not advertising, which convinces the audience impliedly to make a gainful for the distributor decision, to choose his ware or service. The advantages of content marketing are in the more effective attraction of audience attention and its trust gain by means of inconspicuous product promotion. The article deals with the research results of TPU internet communications with possible applicants and improvement directions of promotion of National research Tomsk p

Skvortsova VN, Shtanko MA, Sviridova KD, Tumalanov VA1 and Scherbinin AI

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