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Game Mechanics as Videogame Genre Identifier


Contemporary genre system of video games is formed by the video game industry and it is divided into groups quite freely. This study determines the genre dominant of a video game on the basis of the analysis of theoretical literature, the findings of the developers of the gaming industry and on the basis of the analysis of video games, which are world leaders in sales. It is shown that such structural video game units, as dynamics and components, do not reveal an established connection with the category “genre” and vary from one gaming project to another. The only constant parameter, presented in video games, is mechanics that are repeated in popular projects of one genre, identifying the “face” of the genre, and its established core. Comprehensive methodology analyses of 2017 statistics data of the online digital distribution platforms of computer games “Steam” (“VALVE” company) and “” (“Blizzard” company) and game mechanics list of the American company-developer of social games “SCVNGR” (SCaVeNGeR) gave the opportunity to see repeated core mechanics in the videogame projects of the most widespread genres.

Bezchotnikova Svitlana and Bezchotnikova Alina

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