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Graphic Health Warning Messages on Cigarette Packs - The Case of Germany


The warning ads on cigarette packs are well known almost in every country on the globe. The anti-smoking campaigns which are managed and directed by the governments include several types of warning: textual, pictorial and combined. This work will focus on the newest campaign in Germany, which combines the graphical and the textual warnings and will try to discuss the advantages, the disadvantages and the ethical issues of such type of warnings by an overview of the literature. Also, this paper will try to suggest alternative methods for health warnings on the packs that according to the literature may cause to the same or even improve the goals and its results. A new theoretical model will be suggested as well when the goal of this model is to provide a new point of view based on literature and previous researches about the effectiveness of the warnings among those who are heavy smokers and those who are not. However, this model is a theoretical one and is not proven yet in the field.

Aleksejus Podpruginas

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