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Halophyte Adaptation to the Gradient of Conditions at the Intertidal Zone of the White Sea Cost (with Triglochinmaritima L. as an example)


The comparative study of structural and functional leaf features of Triglochin maritima L. growing under gradient intertidal zone conditions of the Pomorsky coast of the White Sea was carried out. It is shown that under natural CO2 concentration the leaves of plants growing near the coastline have higher values of photosynthetic intensity, transpiration and stomatal conductance, but there is the converse trend under increased CO2 concentration. We suggested the hypothesis that the plants, which were under water for a long period of time (near the coastline), have to use the additional source of carbon - bicarbonate (НСО3). The phenomenon of structural and functional adaptation of halophytes of intertidal zone to the set of stress factors is discussed. The hypothesis of the existence of systemic reaction of the organism and its involvement in the daily rhythm of physiological processes as response on ecological factors rhythmicity at intertidal zone is suggested. It is connected with high plasticity of halophytes on this territory.

Anatoly Kosobryukhov and Evgenya Markovskaya

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