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How Marginally Does Impulse Buying Intention Change in Social Commerce? Nonparametric Regression Approach


In this article, we provide a model that captures the decision making process of impulse buying in social commerce (i.e., on online daily deal websites based on social media) and that does not require any parametric assumption on model specification. Especially, we address the change of marginal impact of marketing stimuli and consumer interaction on impulse buying intension in the context of social commerce. The theoretical framework was guided by the Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) model. For empirical analysis, the nonparametric regression methodology was applied which allows to capture change of marginal impact without any parametric assumption; Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines (MARS). Survey data was collected using a web-based survey system from 500 consumers, who had experienced buying coupons in social commerce. Our study finds that perceived price discount is a key behavioral antecedent for the urge to buy impulsively in social commerce and that its impact is not linear but nonlinear. The contribution of findings of this research is to show how impulse buying intention change with respect to consumer-environment interaction, which has not been addressed thus far in existing research.

Dongnyok Shim* and Jorn Altmann

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