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Identification and Prioritization of Critical Success Factors for Television Broadcasting in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIBa)


The Critical Success Factor (CSF) approach is one of the techniques that help managers identify, clarify, and sort out the most important and critical factors that contribute to the survival and success of an organization. The critical success factors are derived from the organization's mission and strategic goals. Deficiencies can be addressed by pursuing appropriate strategies based on effective CSFs in the media industry. Therefore, most researchers, managers and strategists focus on the CSF approach, which can help television companies provide comprehensive and effective CSFs to identify the appropriate strategies. This study uses a combination of the Delphi technique to identify CSFs in media broadcasts and the Fuzzy Decision-Making Trial and Evaluation Laboratory (FDEMATEL) method to evaluate CSFs in broadcasting in Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB). This study identifies eight CSFs: Competitiveness, technology, audience reach, management and leadership, human resources, finance, internal environmental factors, and external environmental factors in IRIB. Identifying the relevant CSFs, this paper proposes a decision-making framework to help managers to develop their television stations, which would inevitably result in attracting more potential customers and an increase in their profit.

Azadeh Sohrabinejad*, Kiamars Fathi Hafashjani, Farzad Movahedi

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