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Influence of Mass Literature on the Readers Consciousness


This article studies the characteristics of mass literature influence on the reader’s consciousness. Based on the generalization, study of the domestic and foreign scientists’ works on present topic and the analysis of the books of certain genres, its specific traits and the role in the modern historical and cultural process and the life of the society have been revealed. The concept of “mass literature” has been revealed. The ideological-thematic content and structure of women's novels, detectives, thrillers and action novels have been analyzed. The main principles and tools of presenting the reality in the mass literature’s works have been defined. The great attention is given to comprehending the author’s concept of being and personality. Detailed analysis was conducted on the writers’ philosophic and aesthetic opinions and their ideas on the constant human categories and values. The article establishes the content of genre and style-specifics of women's novels, detectives, thrillers and action novels. It highlights formula-approach, sample-orientation, cliché and patterns of the plot of the mass literature’s works. Its negative and positive influence on readers’ consciousness has been revealed. It is underlined, that the mass literature’s works, on the one hand, create certain complexes in a person, act as a reason for the aggravation of his aggression and inadequate actions and promote the passiveness of his consciousness; on the other hand, they have learning and educating functions and have a psychotherapeutic influence on people.

Temirbolat AB, Daribaev SD, Imakhanbet RS, Ospanova AA and Ospanova AA

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