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Information and Communication Space as Human Society Development Factor


Dimensions of social meaning of the problem of the origin and development of information and communication space from the point of view of historical development of human civilization have been classified in the article. Changes that effect creation of channels of spatial communication as well as forming of new configuration of information and communication space have been analyzed. Special role of these changes in the life of human society such as the origin of speech, first forms of communal life, elementary forms of world view and later religious thought and other have been highlighted. Forming of state entities, written language, laws have been analyzed not only from the point of view of spatial changes but are filled with social meaning that defines new content of communication processes. The author uses existing experience of social restoration of global history gained by the sociology to reveal contradictory features of the first period of maturing of information and communication processes that unite human society. The author proposes own idea of specifics of mainstream of changes related to civilization-scope shifts of social meaning of conditions of human community living

Nevostrueva AF

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