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Information Needs and Information Seeking Behavior of Television Media Professionals in Bengaluru: A Study


This paper provided insight into the information needs and seeking behavior of television media professionals in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The comprehensive information was obtained through a well-structured questionnaire informal interview and observation methods, which involved several aspects of media information resources usage such as awareness, frequency and place of access, awareness of the availability of information resources, learn to use, purpose and benefits, rating of electronic information resources based on their features, preferred search engines, The overall attitude towards the use of information resources among television media professional was shown to be very positive. Further, the usage of these resources can be increased if users are motivated to use these services in the media library by providing them help in searching and downloading the information. This study has served as a benchmark for the use of media information resources by the media professionals of television media in Bengaluru city, Karnataka.

Prasanna Kumara BM* and Divyananda K

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