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Integration of Biological Concepts Using Localized Gambling Games in Teaching Elementary Statistics


Both Science and Mathematics are indeed essential and each subject is considered to be of equally important co-existence. While Biology (as a sub-group of Science) includes a scholarly investigation of life and its marked relation with the environment, Mathematics on the other hand (specifically Statistics), involves processes of scientific measurement, evaluation and quantification of any phenomena in order to substantiate its occurrence. Thus, this study – as anchored on the stated vital association of Science and numbers, was designed to identify if the integration of specific concepts in Biology (Phenotypes and Genotypes) may be accepted as a contextualized lesson in Elementary Statistics – focusing on Frequency and Percentage distribution, and Probability (ratio and proportion). The researcher had devised 2 localized “gambling games”- “tossing coins” and “tossing of dice” in order to explain both concepts in Biology and Statistics. The Math majors and BEEd students of the College of Teacher Education of the Nueva Vizcaya State University, Bambang campus during the 2nd semester of SY 2015 – 2016 were considered in the sampling selection of the study. Making use of a self-made evaluation tool (validated by research experts), the respondents were asked to rate the level of acceptability of the contextualized lesson plan. Independent t-test was employed in order to determine significant difference on the respondents’ evaluation and performance between the 2 groups of respondents based on performed learning tasks. Findings of the study manifested that the respondents are collectively “much agree” toward the acceptability of the designed lesson plan.

Nick I Rojas and Sheila Amor S Olonan

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