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Interactive Multimodal TV Media adaptive communication supported clump rule


This article starts with the environmental changes in human psychological feature, analyses the virtual because the main feature of perception beneath digital technology, and explores the transition from passive to active human psychological feature activities. With the wide-ranging understanding of visual data, human contradiction of memory conjointly began to become outstanding. Aiming at the matter that the present multimodal TV media recognition ways have low recognition rate of unknown application layer protocols, associate adaptive agglomeration technique for distinctive unknown application layer protocols is planned. This technique clusters application layer protocols supported similarity of the load characteristics of network stream application layer protocol information. The strategy divides the similarity calculation within the agglomeration algorithmic rule to boost the agglomeration potency of the algorithmic rule. Experimental results show that the planned technique will with efficiency and accurately acknowledge unknown communication. This text proposes that, within the interactive multimodal visual data transmission, human perception expertise has modified, the variety of visual data content expression makes the aesthetic subject a lot of customized and stylised.

Mahmoud K*, Sreekanth S

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