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Intercultural Adaptation of Students in the Information Field of Cross-Cultural Interaction


The article reviews the complexity, variability, ambiguity and interdisciplinarily of the intercultural adaptation of students while in cross-cultural interaction. Bearing universal traits, the pedagogical approach to this phenomenon deals with a variety of mechanisms to facilitate the alignment of the relations between the present and the future, finds ways to improve flexibility and tolerance for different cultures, to define trajectories for the use of linguistic resources in specific speech situations of intercultural communication, as well as to establish dynamic relationships between a personality and the surrounding reality. Different characteristic features, properties, strategies, conceptual models and functions of the phenomenon discovered are described there. Intercultural adaptation – regarded as the process of merging into personal cultural environment, inherently developing and absorbing its values, principles, standards, norms and behavior patterns – results in the individual’s adaptability to a certain degree. A new vision of the preliminary stage of adaptation is offered. A special attention is paid to the information field which proves to be an efficient means of students’ intercultural adaptability formation.

Tomin VV, Sakharova NS, Eremina NV, Kabanova OV and Terekhova GV

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