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Intercultural Information and the Role of the Ethnic Media in Italy: A Sociological Study


Digital progress has accelerated the processes of production and sharing of information and the possibility of collaboration, dialogue and negotiation. The problem of the "different from me" has been addressed over time by many cultures. In the new information society, ideas, technologies, people, products are intended to move from one place to another, but remaining interconnected within an environment where cultures come into contact with the need to enhance identity and differences among individuals. This is only possible through significant exchanges of opinions with others, leading to opportunities to meet. The development of media influences our daily experience in the global world, understood as a new mediated space defined by relationships themselves, where they build the framework of our civilization. The media are called to create social, moral and responsible spaces in a multicultural and democratic society: this means responsible information and quality as the foundation of democracy and the common good.

Giacomo Buoncompagni

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