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Investigating the Participatory Role of Community Media in Enabling An Active Civil Society: A Review on a Case Study of Izwilethemba FM


Community media has been the voice of the voiceless in our society, providing a platform for those that have dreams and hope of uplifting their lives through the community media medium, by not only working in these platforms but also by being a voice for change in society and providing that change to those that require assistance. However, the challenges, the medium has constantly encountered like the financial constraints and the shortages of equipment, that has caused a hindrance in growing the community medium.

The study aims to determine whether community media plays a participatory role in enabling an active civil society, using a case study of Izwi’lethemba FM. 10 questionnaires were administered to residences of Parkside and Duncan Village area using purposive and convenience sampling method. Key findings concerning the participatory function of local radios in society. Majority of respondents indicated that the community media still needs to involve more youth development programmes and community engagement.

Sindi Mbusi and Mncedi Eddie Magade*

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