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Journalists Reporting Efforts, Techniques and Trends during War and Crisis Scenarios


Journalism in theory and reality does not confide to closed spaces in the gamut of Journalistic studies. Instead, it remarkably reflects major themes opened to its surrounding. Journalism dealing with core issues has been witnessing tectonic shifts due to changing times in the fast moving world amidst the evolving modern marvels of science. Journalism involves detailed analysis of inextricable relationships between the causes and effects of human experiences. There is no prescribed protocol or predetermined frame of mind for a comprehensive work of journalism to be established. During Wars and Crisis, it requires courage and complete dedication to be part of it and survive efficiently. Journalists reporting on war and crisis often report from the harshest conditions possible known to mankind and sometimes stay over for years in unknown terrains to collate information and thereby keep the world informed. This paper attempts to trace the impact of Journalism and portray its significance on War and Crisis.

Vishnu Prabhu K.S.*and Dr. Laxmi Dhar Dwivedi

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