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Legislative International Framework to Protect the Journalists in Armed Conflict Zones in the Middle East


The recent war in Middle East is a perfect illustration of the growing risks faced by journalists working in conflict zones. It is therefore important to call renewed attention to the fact that attacks against journalists and media equipment are illegal under international humanitarian law and the Legislative International Framework protecting journalists consists predominantly of International Humanitarian Law, supplemented by International Human Rights Law and International Criminal Law.

In addition, most of the Arab countries after Arab spring revolution 2011 changed the constitution to protect the journalists. In light of the increasing threats in armed conflicts, but the reality is very dangers 1293 journalists liked between years 2011 to 2018 (UNESCO observatory of killed journalists), journalists being a war reporter has become an inherently dangerous task nowadays.

In light of the growing threats in armed conflicts, being a war correspondent has become an inherently dangerous task. Journalists are not only at risk of becoming so-called collateral damage during military operations, they are also increasingly targeted from regimes and terrorists. It is subsequently essential that the international community re-evaluate journalists with laws to protect them in armed conflicts and to allow for better protection and consequently less casualties in the imminent future.

This study aims the protections afforded to journalists by the international laws and d etecting p roposals for enhanced safeguards that are most likely to effectively improve journalists' safety in the conflict zones by laws through a sample of 51 journalists who were subjected to abuses in Middle East war.

In this regard, this study will argue about the legal protections are not enough to protect the journalists so that the study will implement new legislative international framework to save the journalists.

Miral Al Ashry

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