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Life Strategies of Chinese Students Studying at Universities in the Border Areas of the East of Russia


The paper presents an integrated analysis of subjective meanings and Chinese students’ system of values defined by means of the opinion poll in order to measure their social well-being and to explore their life strategies. According to the results of the sociological research, which involved 250 respondents, there were made the following conclusions: Chinese young people feel confident enough at a Russian university. They estimate rather highly and objectively their own starting positions, opportunities and prospects. Communal tension and lack of self-esteem are not frustrating, but on the contrary, motivating factors, indicating a high degree of success achievement and responsibility for their own life. Graduating from Russian universities young people of China are ready to move, compete, and build a career. Our research has shown a quite mature character of values, the absence of a purely youth identity.

Bazhenova NG and Lutsenko EL

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