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Maternal and Child Health Media Programme and Accessibility in Selected Northern Nigerian Communities


This study examined Maternal and Child Health Media Programmer and Accessibility in selected northern Nigeria Communities. The goal of this research is to generate evidences required for planning behavior change communication towards the attainment of an end to preventable maternal and child mortalities in Nigeria. Behavior change model was used as the theoretical framework. The study adopts quantitative and qualitative research approaches, in which questionnaire and in-depth interview guide were used as instruments for data gathering. Findings show that the stations occasionally report maternal and child health news and discussion programmers. However, majority of women in the selected northern communities do not own or but have access to accessibility devices and as such have difficulties in accessing programmers on maternal and child health. The station’s constraints are difficulty in getting resource persons to take part in the programmers, to finance, and other administrative bottlenecks. While respondents have access to radio and television sets and largely listen to the broadcast on maternal and child health, notwithstanding the challenges of receiving the transmitted programmer such language, signal, timing, lack of power supply and accessibility device. One can conjecture that while respondents in the communities have accessibility devices and receive the transmitted programmes on maternal and child, it is imperative to reposition the media organizations to aid the fight against maternal and child mortality in rural communities of Northern Nigeria.

Faruk Nanoh Bello Yakubu Ozohu-Suleiman*

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