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Media Policies and Control under Colonial and Military Regimes in Nigeria


The paper discusses the etymology of the two phases that the national media policy of Nigeria has undergone the colonial and the military. The key objective is to analyse how these epochs contributed to the challenges and growth of a national media policy. This paper is vital because researchers have to understand why it took the nation a long time to come up with a comprehensive policy on the deployment of the media. This text is a conceptual paper based on historical facts and documents spanning over a long time. Besides, the findings show that Nigeria could not prepare a comprehensive media policy before 1987 because of lack of political will and policy direction by the rulers. Various policies set by each government based on the political exigencies at that moment at the negligence of continuity and strategic approach. The study will contribute to the valuation of the challenges faced at the stages of trying to develop the media policy for the nation. The government, corporations, and individuals would learn from the experiences exposed in this paper.

Emmanuel Nzeaka

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