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Media Preference and Use Pattern among Diabetes Patients in Enugu State, Nigeria


This study investigated media preference and use among diabetes patients in Enugu State, Nigeria with attention to type of media preferred, time used, duration and reason for media use. Survey research design was used to achieve the study objectives. Within the framework of Media Richness and Uses and Gratification theories, a total of 274 respondents were purposively selected from University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Bishop Shanahan Hospital and Federal Medical Centre all in Enugu State, Nigeria. The questionnaire was used to collect data for the study while data was analyzed using the Statistical Package for Social sciences version 22. Result showed that TV was the most preferred medium. It was also found that time of the day had a significant influence on the choice of media. While TV was largely preferred at night, newspaper was preferred in the early morning and radio in the afternoon. Result further showed that longer duration was used to in watching TV than consuming any other medium. The researcher concludes that media preference was determined by time of the day and gratification sought. The researcher recommends, among others, that health communication should be guided by media preference and use of target population.

Chika Euphemia Asogwa

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