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Mediamorphosis 4.0: New Media, Visual Culture and Intrusive Information


The space for public discourse and contemporary literature has brought the people today living in a connected world. This is a condition triggered by technological developments, especially in the field of communication technology and information characterized by three developmental directions: Convergence, portability, personalization. The development of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) over the past decade has brought a new trend in the visual communication industry that is the presence of various media that combine new communication technologies and traditional mass communication technologies. The results of this study indicated that the position and direction of the visual activism development in Indonesia involve individuals and groups with different social backgrounds, movement ideologies, approach methods, patterns, intervention areas and change objectives. The visual industry is not born and created from the process of creativity but is born of the process of economic determinism so that it constructs visual culture as a commodity of the capitalist group. False consciousness is a process in which visual culture is formed. Society is deliberately shaped through perceptions that are constructed with false consciousness.

Ardhariksa Zukhruf Kurniullah

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