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Migration Reporting in Nigeria: Towards an Effective Model


Different scholars have developed communication models which have attempted to address micro and macro issues in Mass Communication. However, migration which is a critical component of population change is in dire need of a model which will engender academic and professional paradigm shift from casual approach to more serious approach in dissecting migration issues in Nigeria and indeed Africa. This paper, which is anchored on Knowles (1989) three step building concept, intends to address this grave concern. This study - Ate, Egielewa and Ikerodah’s proposed Migration reporting Model (MRM) 2018 recommended that the proposed model be endorsed and approved by relevant stakeholder of migration and be subjected to rigorous intellectual criticisms to make it better and realistic. The discourse recommended that the model be included in the curriculum of all Mass Communication departments in Nigerian Universities, Monotechnics and Polytechnics under a population communication oriented curriculum.

Andrew Asan Ate, Peter Egielewa, Mahamudul Hasan

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