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Minority Media in Austria: Case Study Analysis of the Status Quo of Linguistic Diversity in the Austrian Media Landscape


The Austrian Ethnic Group Act (Volksgruppengesetz) of 1976 recognises Croatian, Slovenian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak and Roma ethnic groups as official minorities of Austria, imbuing them with special rights and supporting them in media production. Non-officially recognised minority groups are also eligible for media production and occupy a significant part of the minority media market, albeit they are not protected. Given the relevance of minority media within modern societies and the insufficient number of the up-to-date minority media researches over approximately twenty years in Austria, this research paper represents an overview of the minority TV, radio, print and online media in Austria revealing which programmes in which languages and to what extent are available in Austria. The paper subsequently analyses current issues connected to minority media and provides a theoretical analysis of the status quo of linguistic diversity in the Austrian media landscape.

Yelizaveta Andakulova*

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