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Modern Youth- Information Environment- Postmodern Aesthetics- Artistic Text: Problems and Prospects of Interaction


The article is devoted to the impact of modern information society through the artistic perception. Authors, who are the professors of Moscow universities, conclude that the interest in literature among young people is quite considerable. At the same time, it is important to note that the main area in which young writers tend to be recognized is the Internet. The main feature of modern social and cultural situation is creation of the global Internet space, providing effective virtual interaction of people, satisfaction of their needs for access to global information resources and services. Revolution in obtaining and storing information has changed the culture and art. Information society is a society in which the popular culture dominates as complex and ambivalent phenomenon. The Internet in modern society is not just a way to communicate, but the center of new culture’s development. The World Wide Web increasingly involves artistic environment, including literary environment. But the loss of skills in-depth perception of the literary text is a very serious psychological problem. Postmodern ideas influence on the gradual loss of the ability to act. Modern students who are accustomed “to live” in a computer, find themselves in a quandary when they are placed in a situation where they have to act, but not talk about action and not to play a computer game, and set realistic goals. The authors show that it is the problem the modern "creative reader" development, they mean the reader, who can take an active readership’s position when the reader can enjoy reading, can give the own interpretation of the text. In the process of education’s modernization, it is important to remember that post-modernism is the reality of social and cultural situation. In this context it is necessary to change the approach to pedagogical work with information and communication technologies.

Olesina EP  and Stukalova OV

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