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Motives for Watching Dubbed TV Shows by University Students in the U.A.E


The preference for dubbed television programs continues to prevail in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Objective: The main aim of this study was to establish the factor that influence the preference for dubbed movies in the UAE. Furthermore, the study aimed at ranking the factors that influence the motive to watch dubbed movies among university students in the UAE in accordance with their level of influence. Method: Questionnaires were distributed to participants across four universities through mail. The data from the research was analyzed using descriptive statics, tables and charts to establish the co-relatedness of the factors that influence the motive of the university students to watch dubbed television programs. Results: Most viewers of dubbed movies are female at the percentage of 71.5% (n=143). The majority of the participants were from the other Arabs group at 42.5% (n=85). The second largest nationality was UAE locals at 39.0% (n=78). The majority of the participants were Year 4 at 40% (n=80). Year 5 student participation stood at 32% (n=64). The story and the actors were the main reasons for watching dubbed movies. Other factors, ranked in order of priority include; learning ne cultures, the effect of the dubbers, tourism, fashion, video quality, and furnishing. Conclusion: Most the plot of dubbed movies and the foreign actors are the main motives for the watching of dubbed television content in the UAE.

Muna Abdelaziz Alradimi, Fawzia Abd Allah Al-Ali

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