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Network of water management in the literature from 2019 to 2023


The press, by spreading the availability of resources, scarcity linked to preservation. In this sense, the work explores nine sessions from 2019 to 2023 published in national newspapers regarding the lack of supply, quality, benefits, punishment and discomfort as a consequence of the water situation in an eastern demarcation of Mexico. City. Framing the Water Situation Index (IESH) is used to weight the partiality of the media in the content information note, reaching a value of 102 points out of a total of 180. This finding was considered as evidence of a moderate degree of media coverage of the press regarding the problems arising from water scarcity. Based on the results, their implications with other studies carried out in the demarcation are analyzed.

Jose Marcos Bustos Aguayo*, Cruz Garcia Lirios

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