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News Content Perspective of TV One and Metro TV in Seeing Indonesia Government Policy


In the new order era, media is chained and regarded as a mouthpiece of New Order government. After 17 years the fall of the New Order regime, some of the media in Indonesia still can never escape from the intervention, particularly media owners. This research aims to determine the differences of political perspective of two television media toward the government. The research used qualitative method which relies on secondary data through documentation. The results indicate that the political orientation of the media owners had intervened the media perspective against the government. Media cannot be an objective watchdog of the government, because the news on the televisions is subjective. The media, such as TV One and Metro TV, have different agenda and perspective. The setting of a resource as well as the communications attitude of the TV One host shows its role as a government watchdog. Metro TV has a different attitude; there is tendency to be more cooperative and accommodating with government and the policies of President Joko Widodo.

Margynata Kurnia Putra, Yusa Djuyandi and La Mani

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