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Oaxaca Mezcal, A Natural Growth Stage Cluster The Mezcal de Oaxaca, A Natural Cluster in Growth Stage


This article aims to analyse the influence exercised by the performance of the cluster of mezcal in their competitiveness, in order to build a scale that allows you to measure the performance of industrial clusters. To do this, is reviewed the cycle of life and performance of cluster theory, proposed by Andersson, Schwaag, Sörvik y Wise, (2004), Sölvell (2009) and De Langen (2004). The methodology ascribed to the mixed research paradigm, using the techniques of document review, observation, interview and questionnaire. The Statistical analyses include descriptive statistics, analysis of bivariate correlation and linear regression model. Arose as a working hypothesis, which, It was accepted since performance influences positively and significantly on the competitiveness of the cluster of mezcal. To test the hypothesis were selected 50 companies on-site, same, they are located in the central valley Region of Oaxaca. The results show that there is talk of a natural cluster in growth stage, where competitiveness is based on the comparative advantages that provides its local structure. Are currently recognized a change in the way of competing, condition that has generated the creation of competitive advantages in aspects such as; quality, technology, critical mass, value-added and diversification of products.

Curiel-Avilés UG,  López-Salinas A, Delfín-García AD and Delfín-García RD*

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