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Organization Design Preferences and Conflict Management Styles among Graduate Students of Nuevavizcaya State University


Good organizational design helps communications, productivity, and innovation. It creates an environment where people may work effectively. Among those concerns which they may handle with utmost efficiency is conflicts management which in this study is tested for correlation with organizational design preferences among graduate education students of the College of Teacher Education- Bambang Campus. Tools like profile, organization design preference and conflict management practice questionnaires were used to ascertain the relationship of constructs under investigation. After data analysis using descriptive method of research at 0.05 level of significance, the respondents who were generally female, less than five years in service and mostly specialized in general education displayed organizational preferences which regard leaders to possess roles and functions as authority and conflict management styles which surfaced the emotional maturity of the respondents. Further, the preferences and styles of the respondents vary significantly when grouped according to their specialization but did not yield significant differences when grouped according to their gender and years of service. As a final point, the respondents’ organization design preferences correlate significantly with their conflict management styles.

Jenifer Raymond R. Tallungan, Ph.D.*, Marita F. Bancual, Ed.D

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