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Aljazeera's Coverage of the Qatar Crisis on June 5th 2017: A Frame Analysis


Qatar’s foreign policy faced a turning point since May 1995 when Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani overthrew his father in a bloodless coup. Generally, Qatar maintained good relations with its neighbors before Hamad came to power. However, with Hamad coming to power, Qatar’s foreign policy transformed to a policy that is intimidating to its Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) neighbors. These changes were evident with establishing the Israeli trade office in 1996, making it the first Arab Gulf state to have relations with Israel. Qatar also developed good relations with Iran. By this stage, Qatar had already developed good relations with the region’s rivals. Qatar also strengthened its alliance with the United States by hosting two U.S. military bases in Al Udeid and Sayliyah, Qatar. As Faisal Abu Sulaib states, Qatar’s foreign policy has become hard to describe after 1995.

Hamad Humood Al Khalifa

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