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Phenomenological and Process Dynamic Characteristics of Existential Identity Crisis


This article presents the results of empirical research of the problem of experiencing by an individual of the existential crises. The author presents its original methodology and the testing results. Through the use of a questionnaire consisting of 10 scales, there will be established the existence (absence) of an existential crisis and the manifestation of its components, such as: viewing of life as meaningless, unsatisfaction with oneself and one’s life, the problems of freedom and responsibility, as well as heavy emotions. In the process of testing of the methodology and empirical researches there was conducted a comparative analysis of the three risk groups - persons with alcohol and drug dependencies and suicidal behavior - and the control group - individuals with normative behavior. In total the study involved 987 respondents of different ages. There was established the absence of existential crisis in the “norm” group-individuals featuring a standard (adaptive) behavior, and the presence of existential crisis of varying degree of manifestation among representatives of different groups of individuals featuring a destructive behavior. It has been evidenced that the most manifested existential crisis was registered among the drug-addicted persons. Individuals with a chronic alcoholism has featured the most discernable unsatisfaction with their present, the problems of freedom and responsibility and a number of negative experiences, and individuals with a history of at least three suicide attempts - hard feelings, such as: despair, suffering, and guilt.

Lyudmila Viktorovna Senkevich

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