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Phenomenon of a Bilingual Literary Text: National in Individual


It is actual for modern cognitive linguistics to detect units of a literary text possessing the potential meanings integration and their parameters. As a language reflects phenomena of social life, historical events unique and specific to a particular culture, each unit of a particular ethnic group language has an implicit cultural background. Specific requirements of the national language make the foundation for the organization of a literary text as one of the most important components and terms of national identity and origin. Formation of a special type of personality under the interaction of different cultures makes it necessary to comprehend this process in connection with the characteristics of a socalled marginal individual, perceiving the own ethnic culture from the outside, as it were; a raise of the social status of the national language is implemented using the language that this person masters. The duality in bilingualism is overcome due to authors intentions and realized by an active life position represented by the bilingual writer in his text. Ethnic identification depends, therefore, on the definition of the dominant ideology and ethnic identity of the bilingual person. In the process one of the leading roles belongs to bilingual writers: their creative consciousness unites two language pictures of the world, integrating them into new meanings, popular with both linguistic cultures. As an objective result of a socio-cultural situation, the artistic bilingualism creates an opportunity and some prospects for comparative procedures, thereby expanding the research paradigm of the modern science of language. The purpose of this article is to present a new perspective for studying literary texts, defined in the general by guidelines of modern cognitive linguistics, as a conceptual model of a bilingual literary text analysis through the prism of the author's modality, intertextuality, metatext and metapoetry characteristic to the individual bilingual writer's view of the world.

Kuznetsova AV, Kulikova EG and Laskova MV

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