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Playing second innings online: an ethnographic study on the Internet Usage among the urban Indian middle class senior citizens of Hyderabad, India


India communicated for centuries by word of mouth, giving precedence to face to face communication, as majority Indians still live in villages. The economic boom, surge in its GDP PP, and the explosion in the fields of information and communication technologies have revolutionized the way the Indians are interacting at work and leisure today. With the rise in the standard of living, and PPP, the life expectancy levels of people have raised, making India the second largest home in the world for 86 million people in the age of 60+ by 2011. As per the UN estimations, 20% of its population turns 60+ by 2050. Erasing the traditional image of the elderly persons that stayed away from the techno world, a growing number of Indian senior citizens are keen in embracing the modern communication technologies like PC, smart phones, popular search engines and the World Wide Web. Following ethnography, in-depth interviews and participation observation at Hyderabad, the joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telengana states, the researcher would like to paint the images of the upper middle class, urban Indian senior citizens online

Mannar Indira Srinivasan

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