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Public Stations towards immigration, news and social media exposure, and political stations from across-cultural perspective


The data presented in this composition give the occasion to comparatively assay anti-immigrant and anti-refugee stations, news and social media consumption, and political stations(e.g., social dominance exposure, right- sect despotism) of the adult population in seven European countries( Austria, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Sweden), the United States, and Colombia in 2021( N=,645). These countries were named for their variety in public characteristics littoral and non-coastal border countries, large and small husbandry, countries with major and minor political influence, and countries with varying degrees of fashion ability as shelter candidate destinations. We conducted an online check which amongst others included questions on socio- demographic characteristics, attitudinal pointers, and information on news and social media consumption. These data can be of interest for migration experimenters and/ or media scholars who want to explore (relative) dynamics of out group stations, trouble comprehensions, and/ or news and social media consumption, and for policy makers who seek to impact public stations towards immigration and settlers.

Galen Scott*

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