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Realization of Cultural Potential of Traditional Music of Kryashen Tatars


An integral component of the overall system of musical culture of the Tatar people is the original formation of the traditional art of the local ethnic group tatar-kryashens (baptized tatars). Musical creativity of tatar-kryashens dedicated to a number of studies, however, its place and role in the culture and education of the XXI century revealed inadequate. This publication deals with authentic and modern interpretations of holiday culture forms and genres of folk music in the modern educational space. In order to preserve and promote the cultural and historical heritage of the Tatar people, namely, the mother tongue, native festivals and rituals, folk song and dance traditions, costumes and old musical instruments, on the basis of the Graduate School of Arts named Salih Saydashev of Institute of Philology and Intercultural Communication of Kazan Federal University was established student folklore ensemble "Salam", a significant place in the work which takes folk music of tatar-kryashens. Participation in the collective folk scenic contributes to the solution of specific problems in the teaching process of training the future concert artist and teacher-musician-specialists who are able to maintain and promote Ethnomusical tradition. Based on the foregoing, it follows the need for the widest possible implementation of the rich spiritual and artistic potential of ethno-cultural traditions in extracurricular activities of educational institutions of all types and levels.

Ahmetova LA and Nurgayanova NK

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