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Representations of Kafala Sponsorship System in Western Newspapers: A Critical Discourse Analysis


There is a specific law on foreign labor working in the Arabian Gulf called Kafala. Kafala system has been used to monitor the stay of all the migrant labourers from different parts of the world who had migrated to Middle Eastern countries. Recently, Kafala system has gained the spotlight by newspapers locally and abroad. However, there is a scare of research on analysing how the media is representing the Kafala system. van Dijk’s framework has been used to analyze different newspapers and articles on the representation of Kafala system in Arabian Gulf and Western newspapers. The findings show that there is a similarity in the information aired in the Western newspapers and the Saudi Gazette newspaper, which also seems to be against the Kafala system that has some of the demeaning and inhuman labor laws.

Tariq Elyas*, Ibrahim Kurdi

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