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Review on Depiction of "Empowered" Women: A Feministic Analysis of Selected Indian Television Advertisements


The paper explores the Indian media culture which is propagating the stereotypical image of women in the garb of ‘progressive advertisements’. This study aims to do a semiotic and feministic study of the selected Indian television advertisements and unpack the hidden connotative meanings. The advertisements engage the viewers and propagate the mass cultural forms, relegating the females of the species to a marginal space. Women are subjugated and men hold the position of power. The theoretical framework of this study is the Feminist Theory and Semiotics is the fitting tool for discourse analysis. The data for the study incorporates the television advertisements broadcast on various Indian channels. The study concludes that Indian television advertisements are showing gender disparity and confirming to the patriarchal discourse. The paper recommends the change in the representation of women in advertisements.

Meenu Bhola

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