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Role of Media: University’s Student Perception, Knowledge, Myth and Awareness about Child Sexual Abuse


The current research aims to explore and evaluate selected university student’s perception, knowledge, myth and awareness about child sexual abuse. For this purpose, the survey method used to analyze the role of media and perception, knowledge, myth and awareness regarding child sexual abuse of selected university students which standardized questionnaire designed to evaluate the student’s perception, myth, awareness and knowledge towards child sexual abuse. Co-relation and monova were used for the interpretation of the analysis. The following findings revealed a strong association between the perception of students and bad media role (r=0.405, p<0.05) as well as indicated significant age, gender and ducational differences. The finding of the study also declared that students are not satisfied with the role of media, in this case, rather media should educate the society about sexual abuse and the culprit should be arrested and punished strictly.

Sania Kokab, Khair Ahmad Tahir

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