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Shaping of a Musical Culture of Youth in a Small Town


The article considers the shaping of a musical culture of youth in a small town of the Republic of Tatarstan, as one of the leading Russian regions. The authors offer insight substantial characteristic of a musical culture concept, identify the major trends in the development of folk instrumental creativity and define features of the sociocultural space of a small town. The main trends of folk instrumental creativity, such as listening, performing, conducting, improvisation and composition, education, as well as musicological, pedagogical, methodical, productive, publishing, and managerial trends, proposed and justified in the article, made it possible to reveal its pedagogical potential in the shaping of a listening culture associated with the comprehension of intonation and visual thinking, genre, and stylistic properties of folk music; introduction to folk instrumental traditions, expanding musical horizons, an accumulation of musical and auditory experiences, the development of creative and organizational skills, teaching tolerance, and the improvement in performance skills. The authors propose original model as the mechanism of a musical culture shaping in youth in terms of cultural and leisure institutions, which serves a pedagogical system, representing unity of goals, objectives, principles, contents, methods and tools. The results of experimental approbation of the proposed model under conditions of cultural and leisure institutions of a small town in the Republic of Tatarstan prove the effectiveness of the conducted research.

Yavgildina ZM, Murtazina GR, Salikhova LI, Dyganova EA3 and Kamalova IF

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