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Social Media and Youth in Pakistan: Implications on Family Relations


Social Networking Sites (SNS) are increasingly becoming a focus of discussion in the academic literature across the globe. The current research was conducted to explore the effects of social media on youth in contemporary Pakistan especially focusing on the change in family relations. Under the paradigm of quantitative research methodology the researchers used survey method to collect data. Data was collected through structured questionnaire from 175 Masters level students from the International Islamic University Islamabad who were excessively using SNS. The respondents were selected by using Random sampling technique and stratified sampling technique. The findings show that the majority (94%) of the respondents acknowledged that excessive use of social media affects family relationships negatively. They reported to have experienced being isolated and alienated from relatives, friends and from themselves. This in turn was reported to lead to introvert personalities. In the light of the findings it can be concluded that the use of SNS among youth is reducing the bonding of the youth with their family and is changing the value system.

Rabia Ali

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