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Sociology of Music in Russia in the context of Globalization and National Identity


The article touches upon the main formation aspects of Russian music sociology from the point of “methodological nationalism” and/or “methodological cosmopolitanism” as up-to-date social phenomena associated with globalization process and national identity. However, for more successful development of Russian and foreign music sociology in the context of current global and national problems1, there is a need to intensify international and interdisciplinary research guided by national traditions, artistic and scientific achievements, both occidental and oriental. On these terms through the prism of historical and cultural analysis the article takes a look at the Russian methodology in its vital manifestations. On this basis we make a conclusion that neither methodological nationalism nor methodological cosmopolitanism is typical for the Russian music sociology in general, although such a division reflects the realities existent on a global scale. Staying in the space of European culture and keeping interest in the oriental art and wisdom, the Russian music and music sociology are open to the world, preserving the traditions of the Russian science and philosophy ideas with their aspiration to peace, synthesis, universalism, vitalism, aestheticism, personalism and flexible rationality; every now and then they are attracted by achievements of the West and learn from them in order to further concentrate on their own problems and successes.

Micklina N, Konson G, Zorin A, Slavina E and Meleshkina E

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