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Student Information Competence under Conditions of the Realization of Interactive Pedagogical Interaction


The article analyzes the effectiveness of interactive pedagogical interaction for the formation of student information competence under conditions of informational-educational environment. The concept of information competence and the criteria of student information competence formedness such as intrinsic motivation to use information technologies in professional activities, preparedness to overcome obstacles when employing information technologies, preparedness for proactive work behavior using information technologies, and intellectual activity in working with information technologies are described. Methods of creating positive motivation, methods of organizing student cognitive and practical activities and methods of developing personal educational environment were used in the research. The Pacific National University and Sholom-Aleichem Priamursky State University served as an experimental base. Students and teachers of the Faculty of Psychology and Social-Humanitarian Technologies, of the Natural Sciences Faculty, of the Faculty of Mathematics and Information Technologies, and of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics took part in the research at different stages. It was determined that the distinctive feature of interactive pedagogical interaction is organizing students’ intensive interaction with various elements of informational-educational environment. This interaction results in the students’ acquisition of information competencies. The interactive pedagogical interaction in informational-educational environment provides purposefulness, planned character and effectiveness of educational process. The research results demonstrate the effectiveness of pilotexperimental work. The further research may be concerned with an in-depth development of diagnostic techniques and the expansion of the forms of pedagogical activities related to the interactivity of informationaleducational environment that forms student information competence.

Luchaninov  DV, Bazhenov RI, Shtepa YP, Kazinets VA and Ledovskikh IA

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